Working together

We’re a community for Tech for Good organisers across the UK and Ireland.

By working together we can share best practice, support one another, and help ensure that Tech for Good communities thrive. If you already run a Tech for Good community, or want to set one up, then join us, we can help each other.

Is this for me?

Do you run a network or community that might be in some way defined as tech for good?

Or do you want to run one? Then join in!

To us, “tech for good” is the intentional use of technology to drive positive outcomes for people and planet. A tech for good community is any space where people interested in tech for good come together with the intention to connect and learn. There are many subsets to this, for instance:

  • you might support charities to implement technology in a ‘tech surgery’ type event
  • you might run an ethical AI meetup
  • maybe you're a tech founder with a social innovation idea and you help other founders with similar aims via a Slack community.

Our main aim, as the leaders of Tech for Good communities, is to keep our networks sustainable and effective. We also want to encourage the growth of new networks.

Who are we?

The members of the network are spread across the UK and Ireland, and, because we run this network as a collective of volunteers, everyone contributes in different ways, depending on their interest and how much time they have. 

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Our founding members

For the set up of the network we wanted to make sure we had a list of founding members who were able to represent their communities and able to drive forward the initial phases. They also give a good idea of who is in our network.


How do we support each other? 

We have a mailing list, slack and monthly event where we can ask each other for support, help and advice. We’re also trying to share resources like policies, codes of conducts and research to help make our work more effective and efficient

There are 3 levels to our work and you can join in in any way, there are no expectations or requirements:

How we come together

We meet twice a month: Meetups are where we share updates about our communities; Management Calls are where we plan and develop the Tech for Good Organisers network itself.

How we collaborate

Between meetings we connect on Slack. We work in small project teams to create shared resources and research. We use our collective communities to work towards bigger goals, like field mapping.

How we document our work

 All our work is logged on our open working document. Including who’s working on what, what decisions we’ve made, and how we’re allocating our funds.

Get involved!

To join the Tech for Good Organisers network, the first step is to come along to a Meetup. Then our Network Coordinator will welcome and onboard you to the Slack community. We look forward to meeting you! :)

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Principles we are working to as a network

Technology can be a force for good in society

“Technology is neither good nor bad; nor is it neutral."

Melvin Kranzberg

Work in the open

It makes collaboration easier. We’re here to collaborate, work together and be part of something bigger.

Lead by example

Celebrate the radical approaches brought by everyone in the community and understand that people have different lived experiences.

Do no harm / Operate responsibly

Despite our best intentions, no one is exempt from making a mistake. But we strive to do our utmost best to ensure we’re accountable for our actions. 

Do not ponder, do

But do so responsibly.

We believe tech is at its most powerful when used to drive positive outcomes for people and planet.

It matters not just what the tech is, but how it’s made, by whom and to what ends. Tech for Good communities are spaces where cross-sector organisations and individuals from all walks of life can gather, learn and grow together. Collectively exploring the applications and implications of technology. Welcoming new voices to the conversation. Through this, we can shape the global movement towards a world where tech works for everyone.

Our Supporters

We’ve received funding from the Catalyst network and more funding will allow us to build on the work we’re doing creating a sustainable support network for people across the UK and Ireland who are interested in Tech for Good.

I want to join a community!

If you’d like to join a Tech for Good community rather than run one yourself, you can find a list and get in touch with the individual networks here

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